A Radical Revolution

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With a name like Radical Gardens, you have to bet that we’re into rabble-rousing and shaking things up!

We challenge the status quo. We create change in our community by leading the way and proving that even Northern Ontario can change.

So, what is Radical about us? Well, for starters our restaurant is FEAST Ontario certified, which means that we use mostly local ingredients!

We’re also LEAF certified which means that our restaurant doesn’t produce a ton of waste and that we promote farm to table fare. We’re pretty pumped to be the first certified restaurant in our region! Let me tell you; it was no easy feat. But, our certification game is on point!

You may be wondering HOW are we so environmentally friendly? Here are a few things that we’ve done:

  • Eliminated use of Styrofoam (all our packaging is recyclable or compostable)
  • We monitor our water use
  • The majority of our ingredients are purchased within a 200km radius of the restaurant
  • We have a box and container re-use program
  • All our meat is picked up or delivered in re-useable coolers
  • We compost all of our waste and have a bin outside the restaurant
  • We donate unused food to different organizations

We care about the environment and community health. That’s why we are over compliant with these regulations. Being part of the “fresh food revolution” takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But, then again, rabble rousing isn’t for the faint of heart.

Interested in learning more about our certifications? Come on over to our store and we’ll chat with you!

Stay Radical,


The Radical Gardens Team


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