The Holiday’s Are Here!!!

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Our line of work sees very little down time. From farming to cooking we spend a lot of time working. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves any other way, however the crew here at RG take 3 weeks at the beginning of the year to recharge for the year ahead. For those of you looking for small caterings between Jan 1 – 24 there are still some crew in town to help you. Please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call and we’ll be happy to create you something for your meeting or special occasion.

We have two weeks left of delicious eats for you! Friday December 30th at 6 pm we will be closing until Wednesday January 24th.

2016 was by far one of the hardest years we have ever had to deal with. We saw successes and failures and everything in between.


This past year we accomplished a lot; we hosted a 3 day food and music festival, we catered our first wedding, we sold food at festivals, we brought in harvest, we did supper clubs, dinner in whites, and all manner of crazy caterings. We’ve survived a few break ins, vandals, and an insane 3 month long renovation.

While we spend the first three weeks of January with our families and loved ones to reconnect us with the world and help us continue to be creative and driven; we want to hear from you.

We have created a survey which is super quick to fill out and would really help us a lot.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

From everyone here at RG we wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Our last day of service is Dec 30th and we will return on January 25th at 9 am with fresh bagels, donuts, and who knows what we’ll find while we’re out in the world.


Much Love

-RG  front-radicalgardens-2


P.s. Don’t worry we are not renovating a thing. We will actually be back in 3 weeks this time.


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