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Salty and Sweet
A Tale of Salt Baked Carrots!

It’s interesting to sit and ponder on where our lives began and where we are right now, some curious decisions have been made in our lives for this specific group of people to end up together. To cram this much creativity and eccentricity into one space is amusing, frustrating, and fascinating. For those of you that don’t know, the crew here at RG are like a small family that live together and work together. We are most definitely probably best thought of as a reformed group of criminals and general shit disturbers, but we inspire each other to do better and to be better. It’s great to be surrounded by artists, musicians, cooks, writer’s, and all the rest of the lot that help drive our spirit.

Our house hosts couch surfers from all over the world that either come to Timmins for vacations and work or they’re passing through. This creates some wonderful moments filled with new friends and new eats if they’re here for our usual Sunday family dinner.

This week we have the pleasure of having one of our repeat surfers Shawn, who is a fabulous cook and has become a wonderful friend and a great member of our little band of misfits.
So, we’re always on the hunt to do something new or work on something we’ve made before. Our fabulous butcher Tom at Quality Meats in New Liskeard had some delicious looking goose available so we thought goose would be a great thing to prepare for our dinner.

goose-dinner-6 We try to each take a dish and work on it. There were a few of us that got away free from cooking this dinner, which I am personally rather jacked about as I was one of them.

Jon worked on the Goose and created a fabulous tasty bird stuffed with celery, oranges, apples, onion, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. The basting juice created is comprised of interesting items like grape jelly, yellow mustard, and red wine. This created an absolutely succulent and amazing goose.
Steve created some roasted butternut squash and honey with fresh feta, which is an amazing side dish. He also made some salt baked carrots which are an absolutely great accompaniment to any meal. It’s honestly a labour-less, intensely flavorful, amazing way to cook sweet delicious carrots.
Shawn our couch surfing guest created some absolutely delicious crème brulee with Madagascar bourbon. He also made a confit of onion to drizzle over the duck.
They all did a fabulous job and it was a great meal.

You’re going to need a load of salt, so my suggestion is to go to bulk barn and purchase about 2 large bags worth. You can get about 3 salt bakes out of this so keep the salt afterwards!!

Salt Baked Carrots:

Serves 4

Prep time: 30-40min Cook Time: 45-55 minutes

• 8 Carrots of somewhat equal girth and length
• kosher salt or regular salt
• 2 tablespoons olive oil (good quality just for finishing)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Add salt to the bottom of a roasting pan, so that the bottom of the pan is fully covered in salt. Nestle the carrots into the salt. Roast for 45-55 minutes possibly longer depending on your oven. Basically, you’re going until the carrots are soft so make sure you have an implement for poking.

Remove the carrots from the salt, now this can be a giant pain in the ass and sometimes will create a giant mess. Lay down a garbage first, crack open the salt and attempt to brush any excess salt off. Drizzle the carrots with olive oil and slice into bite size pieces. Serve with any main, it’s a great accompaniment to almost anything.

This recipe also works with a large selection of dense root vegetables. So let your imagination make up your version of this.

This week’s dinner was a great moment to get caught up with one another and wallow in the sadness of our compressor catching fire together. We always do out best to look in the bright side of things but lately it has been rough. One thing after another has hit us and we’re doing our best to work through them together. Also, the booze helps.

Be sure to check for next weeks’ blog post we’re making and serving our own gravlaks (salt cured salmon) and creating a delicious Charcutiere with meat from all over. We’re pretty excited about it.


A Radical Revolution

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With a name like Radical Gardens, you have to bet that we’re into rabble-rousing and shaking things up!

We challenge the status quo. We create change in our community by leading the way and proving that even Northern Ontario can change.

So, what is Radical about us? Well, for starters our restaurant is FEAST Ontario certified, which means that we use mostly local ingredients!

We’re also LEAF certified which means that our restaurant doesn’t produce a ton of waste and that we promote farm to table fare. We’re pretty pumped to be the first certified restaurant in our region! Let me tell you; it was no easy feat. But, our certification game is on point!

You may be wondering HOW are we so environmentally friendly? Here are a few things that we’ve done:

  • Eliminated use of Styrofoam (all our packaging is recyclable or compostable)
  • We monitor our water use
  • The majority of our ingredients are purchased within a 200km radius of the restaurant
  • We have a box and container re-use program
  • All our meat is picked up or delivered in re-useable coolers
  • We compost all of our waste and have a bin outside the restaurant
  • We donate unused food to different organizations

We care about the environment and community health. That’s why we are over compliant with these regulations. Being part of the “fresh food revolution” takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But, then again, rabble rousing isn’t for the faint of heart.

Interested in learning more about our certifications? Come on over to our store and we’ll chat with you!

Stay Radical,


The Radical Gardens Team


The Extra B is for Bacon!

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Bacon Fest. What can we say? It was a crazy ride. Did you have fun? I know that we did! Well, once the stress calmed down and we had a drink to steady our nerves, we did.

Now that the dust has settled and we’ve had some time to decompress, we wanted to share a few thoughts.

First of all, thanks goes out to the amazing team that helped put this event together. Without your dedication, this thing wouldn’t have gone down. So, thanks are due to:

  • PBL
  • Urban Windows and Doors
  • Nascoe Propane
  • Roztek
  • Advanced Security
  • Tapit
  • Steamwhistle
  • The Dante Club
  • LaRonde
  • The Timmins BIA
  • N.E.S Environmental Services
  • The Timmins Fire Department
  • The Working Class
  • The Radical Gardens staff

Also, can we just take a moment to recognize the immense talent that graced our stage?! So many awesome artists both local and from afar. Attica Riots killed it on Friday night! If you haven’t had the chance to listen to them you should head over to Youtube right now! I mean it, DO IT!

We like to challenge the idea that Timmins is boring or has no culture. This is our home and we’re proud of it! That’s why we host so many crazy events! Because we want YOU to get out, have some fun, cut loose, and experience new things.

We’ve got more half cooked ideas waiting in the wings and you’ll just have to tag along on our crazy ride to find out what they are.


Stay Radical,




The Radical Gardens Team


Welcome to our Radical Blog

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Welcome to our blog! We’ve decided to use this space to give back to our awesome customers and share some of our secrets. But, don’t get too crazy, we’re not sharing everything!

We’ll feature recipes, gardening tips, stories about our day, and our thoughts on pretty much anything and everything.

So, you may be wondering what Radical Gardens is all about. Let us paint you a picture: We’re a wild and wacky bunch of Walruses (don’t ask, we don’t even know how it started, but we call ourselves the Walrus crew) that farm, cook, organize, do art, and break the mold.

We wanted to change the way people think about food, so we started a fresh food revolution! The revolution began on Dalton Road, where our farm is located. We grow veggies of all kinds, and the food from our farm is used to feed the community. How do we do accomplish these lofty goals? We get busy by hustling our products at farmer’s markets, our farm gate market, our online market and our CSA, which is sixteen families strong. But, that’s not all, we also use the food we grow at our restaurant.

Did we mention that our menu changes daily!?

Join the revolution with us and change the way you eat and experience food.

Need help joining the revolution? Shop our online market.  We’ll have new products each week, including pantry items that you can get delivered right to your door. Our goal is to get you the best quality food and make grocery shopping fun!

This week we have a huge selection of succulent tomatoes from La Maison Verte in Hearst. To help whet your appetite we’ve included two of our favourite recipes! We’ve personally vetted them to ensure that they are as delicious as we say they are.

This bruschetta is absolutely fabulous because it goes on everything. You can dress up your breakfast or fancy up your grilled chicken.

The tart is a pizza with a suave attitude. Perfect for your next get together or for some added pizzazz to your family dinner.

Now that you’re drooling, head on over to our online market and buy some tomatoes so you can get busy in the kitchen. Or visit our restaurant and let us tantalize your taste buds!

Stay Radical


The Radical Garden Team



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