Wondering where your food comes from?

We are very proud to work with the following local vendors:

Bees & Berries Farm

Bees & Berries Farm is a Timmins-based bee farm operated by Rene and Joanne Bertrand which provides unpasteurized honey and pollen. They have 3 bee apiaries located around Timmins. Most notably, they are the Official beekeeper for Goldcorp- Porcupine Gold Mines with 2 bee apiaries on their premises to encourage their land rehabilitation project. The 3 locations produce 1 tonne of honey per year!

Haasen Farms Ltd.

Haasen Farms Limited is a 3-generation, family run dairy farm in Timmins that is operated by Frank, Ivy and Eddy Haasen. This farm provides a large portion of milk for Northern Ontario’s consumption and is a leader in innovative dairy farming in the North! This farm has contributed (not only with its wonderful milk products…) but by providing our Radical Gardens farm with the straw necessary to assist in growing our beautiful produce!

Mattagami Heights Farm

Mattagami Heights Farm is a 160 acre grass-fed Limousin beef farm located in Timmins. Owned by Noella and Danny Farrell, they are dedicated to not using any corn, hormones or antibiotics on their cattle!

North of 49

North of 49 is a Birch Syrup producer based out of Cochrane. This operation is owned by Craig and Jenny Tullman. What began as an experiment, launched in 2008 as they now produce both pure and blended birch syrups and blended honeys!

Poschaven Farms

Poschaven Farms is an organic and pesticide-free flour mill located in Kenabeek, Ontario. This small mill is run by George Poschaven. Not only is Poschaven’s beautiful flour available in our market, it is also our choice for making our fresh white, whole wheat, and gluten-free bread!

Bulstock Acres

Bulstock Acres is a small farm located East of Timmins along Highway 101 East. They are a small operation run by Sylvia & Shane Stockill. Bulstock Acres sells a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the Spring, then later in the Summer, provide their beautiful harvest to the public. Sylvia is an avid farmer, community volunteer, as well as a frequent horticultural writer for the Timmins Daily Press.

Hawk Feather Farm

Hawk Feather Farm is a Timmins based 65 acre farm owned by Lois Caron and her husband John. They are a chemical free, ecologically sound farm that produces all sorts of vegetables that are indigenous to our Northern climate, as well as some unique varieties that are usually only grown in Southern Ontario!

Mid North Containers Ltd.

Mid North Containers Ltd. is a Northern Ontario specialized corrugated sheet plant that provides us with our Radical take out containers! Located in New Liskeard, this local operation has been in operation since 1980. Their flexibility and competitive edge has set them apart in the North for their quality, efficiency and excellent customer service.

Ontario Natural Food Co-Op

The Ontario Natural Food Co-Op based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Although this company is not a Northern Ontario company, it is a wonderful addition to our health-inspired products available. This company provides a multitude of gluten-free, organic, and natural foods, as well as encouraging a sustainable local network of suppliers!

Quality Meats

Quality Meats is a New Liskeard based business which encompasses both a processing plant and a butcher shop!

Garden Pleasures

Garden Pleasures is a family run farm owned by Ross & Bev Brubacher in the New Liskeard area. As they had grown up on farms, they wanted to share that experience with their (then) small boys. So they moved to the North from Kitchener-Waterloo and began their adventure! Today Garden Pleasures farms a multitude of vegetables as well as raises their own drug free pork, turkey, beef, and free-range chickens.

La Maison Verte

La Maison Verte is a green house in Hearst that is operated by a non-profit women’s group to encourage employment for women in the North since the 1980s. This establishment was originally built to grow trees for reforestation projects in the North, but as a way to encourage sustainability, expanded its measures to include growing beautiful hot house tomatoes!

Next Step Farms

Next Step Farms is a small farm in Northern Ontario owned by Clint and Antonella Fasciano. This organic farm provides a second chance for many as a Christian rehabilitation program which farms a variety of beautiful vegetables that are pesticide free!

Porcupine Springs

Porcupine Springs is a local Timmins bottled water manufacturer. They are dedicated to making all of their products 100% recyclable. Also, Porcupine Springs sets themselves apart by making every effort to employ, as well as purchase their materials locally!

Thornloe Cheese

Thornloe Cheese is a Temiskaming located cheese factory dedicated to making award-winning cheese the old-fashioned way using fresh local dairy. This 100% farmer owned company provides us with the mouth-watering cheese used in our daily menu!

…and so many more!