Welcome to our Radical Blog

Welcome to our Radical Blog

Welcome to our blog! We’ve decided to use this space to give back to our awesome customers and share some of our secrets. But, don’t get too crazy, we’re not sharing everything!

We’ll feature recipes, gardening tips, stories about our day, and our thoughts on pretty much anything and everything.

So, you may be wondering what Radical Gardens is all about. Let us paint you a picture: We’re a wild and wacky bunch of Walruses (don’t ask, we don’t even know how it started, but we call ourselves the Walrus crew) that farm, cook, organize, do art, and break the mold.

We wanted to change the way people think about food, so we started a fresh food revolution! The revolution began on Dalton Road, where our farm is located. We grow veggies of all kinds, and the food from our farm is used to feed the community. How do we do accomplish these lofty goals? We get busy by hustling our products at farmer’s markets, our farm gate market, our online market and our CSA, which is sixteen families strong. But, that’s not all, we also use the food we grow at our restaurant.

Did we mention that our menu changes daily!?

Join the revolution with us and change the way you eat and experience food.

Need help joining the revolution? Shop our online market. We’ll have new products each week, including pantry items that you can get delivered right to your door. Our goal is to get you the best quality food and make grocery shopping fun!

This week we have a huge selection of succulent tomatoes from La Maison Verte in Hearst. To help whet your appetite we’ve included two of our favourite recipes! We’ve personally vetted them to ensure that they are as delicious as we say they are.

This bruschetta is absolutely fabulous because it goes on everything. You can dress up your breakfast or fancy up your grilled chicken. http://www.spendwithpennies.com/hollys-bruschetta/

The tart is a pizza with a suave attitude. Perfect for your next get together or for some added pizzazz to your family dinner. http://www.tasteandtellblog.com/tomato-tart-bacon-gruyere/

Now that you’re drooling, head on over to our online market and buy some tomatoes so you can get busy in the kitchen. Or visit our restaurant and let us tantalize your taste buds!

Stay Radical

The Radical Garden Team