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Bakery Menu & Pricing

Basic Cake Pricing

All cakes are 3 layers with buttercream between each layer 

Vanilla     6” $42   8”$82  9"$98

Defaults to vanilla buttercream

Chocolate  6” $54   8” $95  9"$120

Defaults to chocolate buttercream icing

Red Velvet  6” 54   8” $88  9"$100

Defaults to cream cheese buttercream icing

Carrot   6” $54   8” $97  9"$125

Defaults to cream cheese buttercream icing

Lemon   6” $75   8” $106  9"$150

Defaults to vanilla buttercream

Banana Caramel  6”$54   8”$95  9"$120

Defaults to Caramel Buttercream

Additional Flavors:  Old Fashioned Apple, Spiced Cake, Raspberry, Chocolate Chip, Orange & Peanut Butter.  

Buttercream Printout Add $20 (per sheet)

We can print high quality images onto vanilla buttercream sheets for cakes and cupcakes. 

Additional Fillings: (price will increase will cake size, all prices listed for a 6" cake.)

Pastry Cream $25     Jam $10    Caramel $15   Lemon Curd $28   

Cookie Dough $20   Fruit Filling (market price)    Chocolate Ganache $25


Additional Toppings: (price will increase with cake size)

Macaron Cookies:  Starting at $5.10 each 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (Market Price)

Specialty Chocolates (Market Price)

Special Order Cake Pricing

Special Order cake rates are dependent on the order request and the price changes depending on materials and time. What is shown is just a rough idea of where they start typically. 

Prices are approximate and your quote will differ for specific cakes from prices listed depending on amount of material and time spent.

Please keep in mind that we do not do identical replicas of another bakeries cakes. We will take photos of a reference and use it as a guide to create an original piece for you. 

We do not make any fondant cakes or sheet cakes. All of our cakes are a round 3 layer design. 

ALL of our cakes are 3 layers high & ALL prices listed are for VANILLA or  CHOCOLATE cake flavors.

All prices are subject to the difference of each individual order. 

                             6" feeds 6-8                    8" feeds 10 -14                               Starting at $120               Starting at $175


9" feeds 14 - 16              10" feeds 16 - 20 

Starting at $225             Starting at $275

12" feeds 25 - 30           14" Feeds 35 - 50 

Starting at $325             Starting at $450

We have many different additional cake flavors available at different prices. Please let us know if you are looking for a specific flavor. 

Some favorites are Carrot Cake, Lemon, Banana, Spice, Old Fashioned Apple, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry, Orange, Peanut Butter & more.  

Why are our prices higher then the grocery store or other bakers? 

What goes into a custom cake? We take great care and time to sculpt designs for your cake. 

Utilizing 3D printers, Cricut machines, edible printers and more to create the items on your cake. We also hand sculpt a great deal of the components of your cake. Our cake sculpture has well have two decades of sculpting in various mediums. 

Sculpting and creating components take time, specialized skill, specialized equipment and specialized ingredients

We use ONLY high quality ingredients like farm fresh eggs, all Canadian made artisan sprinkles, real vanilla, high quality Belgium chocolate, actual butter and heavy creams. 

Our cakes are centerpieces that are hard to rival. 

Signature Cakes 

Looking for the perfect delicious cake for your event? Check our our list of our signature outrageously delicious cakes! 

Italian Olive Oil Lemon Cake  6” $90  8” $155

Italian lemon olive oil cake filled with lemon curd and lemon cream cheese icing

Chili Cinnamon Chocolate Tequila Lime Cake  6” 90    8" $155

Three layers of chili cinnamon chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream finished with a tequila lime glaze.

Milk and Cookies Cake  6” $85  8” $130

Cookies and milk cake, layers of chocolate chip cake with a layer of cookie covered in a brown sugar buttercream and white chocolate ganache

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cake 6” $90   8” $155

Chocolate layers with peanut butter buttercream and cookie dough between the layers and then finished with a chocolate and peanut butter buttercream swirl and topped with Reese's pieces and cookie dough

Death By Chocolate Cake 6” $100   8” $175

Chocolate layers, chocolate ganache, chocolate butter cream, chocolates. All the chocolate!

Banana Caramel Crunch Cake  6” $120  8”$160

Three layers of caramel cake, filled with banana cream, and espresso buttercream finished with smoked vanilla bean buttercream and crunchy caramel granola. This is an over the top delicious beautiful cake! 

Peanut Butter Honey Whiskey Cake  6” $90   8” $175

Delicious honey whiskey layers filled with sweet and tart cherries and finished with a light whipped peanut butter icing

Raspberry Shortbread Cake  6” $88  8” $165

Three layers of vanilla cake with white Belgium white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam filling. Topped with raspberry jam-jam shortbread cookies, raspberry syrup and crumbled dehydrated raspberries.

Black Forest Cake  6” $75  8”$155

3layers of scratch made rich chocolate cake with Swiss meringue butter cream and cherry pie filling. Finished with chocolate curls and maraschino cherries this is the perfect decadent, fluffy, chocolate cake. 

Strawberry Cream Cake 6” $75     8” $155

Three layers of vanilla thyme strawberry cake filled with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream and strawberry jam. Finished in a two tone color swirl and rose petals, fresh thyme, and a touch of lemon zest.  

Looking for an easy order cake for your occasion? 

Our online cake store will make that easy! 

Looking for one of our signature delicious cakes, a unicorn cake, one of our decadent cheesecakes or maybe even a booze cake? 

Our online store has it all! 


Basic Cupcakes

$42 a dozen.  Gluten Free $55 a dozen   Vegan $55 a dozen

Cupcake flavors for this price ONLY include Chocolate, Vanilla or Red Velvet (finished with cream cheese buttercream.)

Gluten Free, vegan, lactose free and Vegan gluten free available at other rates, please contact bakery.

Additional Fillings: 

Chocolate Ganache $25   Caramel $15     Marshmallow $20    Jam $10   Cookie Dough $15  Pastry Cream$25   Lemon Curd $28


Our cheesecakes are made with free range eggs and high quality ingredients.

They are decadent and delicious and the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.

Vanilla Confetti 6” $45 8” $75

Vanilla Berry 6” $55 8” $75

 Chocolate 6” $60 8”$80

 Peanut Butter Chocolate 6” $55 8” $80

 Cookies & Cream 6” $60 8” $80

 Marble Chocolate 6” $60 8” $80

 Red Velvet 6” $55 8” $75

There are honestly an endless amount of flavors we can do. Please contact us for special orders.

Cookies & Bars 

Cookies $28.50 a dozen (Chocolate chip, Toffee Coffee & Triple Chocolate & SO MANY MORE!)

Not everything can be created in every dietary restriction

Bars $50 a dozen Gluten Free $70 a dozen

Cosmic Brownies • Lemon • Blondies • Peanut Butter

Pies & Tarts

Pies Starting @ $25.50 ea (6"pie)

GF $45    Feeds 6-8 people 

Blueberry, rhubarb, pumpkin, cherry, apple, raspberry, strawberry

For Tart pricing please fill out our custom order form 

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