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WE DO NOT MAKE ANY FONDANT CAKES AT ALL! We are also NOT a nut free facility. For allergen cakes, while we take great care in cleaning our equipment and stations and we go above and beyond for cross contamination of nuts, flours, dairy, etc... we can not guarantee anything. 
We offer up a HUGE selection of scratch made delicious baked goods. What is in our menu below is a small sampling of what we are capable of making. Please call/email/message for a consultation if you are looking for something a bit different that is not listed.


Looking for a personalized cake?

We offer 3 different levels of cakes. Our basic cake with has minimal piping and colors but is still gorgeous. Our specialty cakes have basic to minimal sculpting, some sugar work, more elaborate pipping, and more colors and are a great medium option and make for gorgeous show stopper cakes. Our Bespoke cakes offer up all sorts of options with loads of sculpting, sugar work, airbrushing, hand painting and add a really amazing wow factor. 

All of our cakes are 3 layers high. Prices other then basic are based on approximates and your quote might differ for specific cakes from prices listed.

6" feeds 6-8            8" feeds 10 -14     

Basic 35                   Basic 55                 

Specialty  55            Specialty  75         

Bespoke 75              Bespoke   95        

9" feeds 14 - 16       10" feeds 16 - 20

Basic 65                    Basic 75

Specialty 85              Specialty 95 

Bespoke 105            Bespoke 125

12" feeds 25 - 30   14" Feeds 35 - 50 

Basic 95                 Basic 120

Specialty 115          Specialty 140

Bespoke 135          Bespoke 180


Please choose a single flavor. We typically do not make multiple flavor cakes due to batch sizes.   

Rich Chocolate, Golden Vanilla Buttercream, Red Velvet, Orange Chocolate,    Lemon White Chocolate, Peanut butter Chocolate, Carrot Cake Cream Cheese

ALL FILLINGS ARE AN ADDITIONAL COST TO BASIC PRICE OF THE CAKE. Each price is listed next to the filling. 
Pastry Cream 25,  Jam 10,  Caramel 10,  Lemon Curd 20, Butterscotch 15,
Nut and Praline 15,  Cookie Dough 15,  Fruit Filling 15

Flat Rate Designer Cakes

Unicorn Cake (or similar ones like cats, dragons, etc..) 
$65 for a 6" Cake     $85 for a 8" Cake    $95 for a 9" Cake
Mermaid Cake 
$60 for a 6" Cake     $80 for a 8" Cake    $90 for a 9" Cake
Dinosaur Cake
$60 for a 6" Cake    $80 for a 8" Cake     $90 for a 9" Cake
Kids Character candy cakes 
$70 for a 6" Cake    $90 for a 8" Cake     $100 for a 9" Cake

Signature Cakes

Italian Olive oil lemon cake $65 6”

Moist delicious Italian lemon olive oil cake layers filled with house made lemon curd and finished with luscious lemon cream cheese icing.

Milk and Cookies $60 6”

Cookies and milk cake, layers of chocolate chip cake with a layer of cookie covered in a brown sugar buttercream and white chocolate ganache

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough $55 6”

Chocolate layers with peanut butter buttercream and cookie dough between the layers and then finished with a chocolate and peanut butter buttercream swirl and topped with Reese's pieces and cookie dough

Butter Pecan Cake $65 6”

Moist buttery pecan layers with pecan praline caramel filling finished with a soft velvety buttercream.

Death By Chocolate $70 6”

Our scratch baked Rich chocolate cake layers, filled with decadent chocolate ganache and chocolate chunks, finished with chocolate butter cream and topped with ALL chocolates. 

Peanut butter Honey Whiskey Cake $65 6”

Delicious honey whiskey layers filled with toasted rice krispies and toasted walnuts and dark chocolate ganache and finished with a light whipped peanut butter buttercream and caramel syrup. 

Black Forest Cake $55 6"

Three Layers of our delicious rich chocolate cake with house made cherry filling and velvety vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream between each layer and finished with chocolate curls and maraschino cherries. 


$33 a dozen. Gluten Free $49   Vegan $58    Vegan & GF $61

Only sold in dozens. All base prices Include Buttercream frosting and cupcake.

Cupcake Flavors: 

Rich Chocolate    Golden Vanilla   Orange   Lemon    Carrot    Red Velvet


Chocolate Syrup 6    Caramel 6     Marshmallow 10    Jam 8    Fruit 10


There are loads of toppings available including handmade things and sculpted figures. Message us for more details. 

Wedding Cakes

9” Plus 6” Two Tier Basic Hand Painted Buttercream Cake starts at 310

For Fillings please choose from list and add on price per tier

Each cake is subject to separate pricing depending on wants or needs of clients

Slab Cakes

Choose any of the basic cake flavors, The price is 2 layers and the frosting

9 x 12      feeds 20 – 25    $112

11 x 15    feeds 25 – 35    $157.50

12 x 17    feeds 35 – 45    $202.50

13 x 19     feeds 45 – 60    $270



9” $65    Gluten Free $75     Lactose free $80     Vegan $85

Not all cheesecakes are possible for all dietary restrictions

Lemon, Pecan Pie, Cookie Dough, Chocolate, Fruit or Berry, Caramel Toffee

We make a zillion types of cheesecakes so ask us about any flavor 

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