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Covid 10 Wedding Catering Statement

This year has been a crazy life changing experience for many of us. The quick changes to how we operate our business and what we offer has left us revaluating where we are going and how we are going to offer the service we used to, and the answer is we can’t. With the amount of uncertainty with our food supply and our staffing issues we do not feel comfortable moving forward with booking in traditional style weddings in the future.

Currently we are switching our wedding and large event catering options to include only drop off or small attendant type bookings with non traditional offerings like burgers, tacos, sandwiches and such. We are also booking our food truck for weddings and events but with basically the same options as well as still offering charcuterie, canapes, appetizers and different styles of grazing tables. Going forward we will not be offering traditional style dinners like chicken, beef or our fabulous pig roast and we will no longer be offering serving attendants. 

 We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and it has taken us many months to decide how to move forward with this as every week and day can present itself with new challenges during these unprecedented times. 

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