CSA Program

It's a 12 week long program of weekly vegetables. You can add on house baked bread and weekly local meat packages. 
Our vegetables are a collection of local vegetables from various farms around Northern Ontario as well as our own farm and each box each week includes local farm fresh eggs. The meat comes from the butcher shop Quality Meats out of New Liskeard and the bread we make by hand each week for you. 
$500 for the full box or $300 for the half box
$75 add on for weekly bread (one time fee)
$25 a week for however many weeks you want (can be paid in full or in recurring payments) You can omit a various type of meat, just let us know. This box is much like a CSA but with different cuts available throughout the season. 
For singles. couples or a family of 3 that has a small child; we suggest the half box UNLESS you are wanting to can and preserve for winter. 
For more information or too sign up for the program please send us an email at Info@radicalgardens.com or give us a call 705 465 3651