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Meet The Team

Curious as to who the merry band of misfits are that makes your food?

Meet the team here at Radical Gardens! 


 Steve McIntosh aka Speedo Steve

Our patriarchal walrus Captain, Steve loves guns and jeeps in that order. 


Just being Steve

 Brianna Humphrey The Boss Lady

Brianna has a love of bad horror movies, the perfect snack and weekend morning coffee's. She is the Executive Chef (for lack of a better description), The owner, and one of the bakers. 


WSET Level 1 in Wines

WSET Level 2 in Spirits

Fine Arts - Georgian College


 Jesse Durette--> Jessums/Gidoune


 Ethan Moreau 


 Adelle Miner is Gucci


 Amanda Arquette 


 Alicia Chamberlain aka Tan

Plant mom with a mean streak and a wicked caffeine addiction. She is one of the line cooks killing it on your burgers. 


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