Welcome to Radical Gardens

An extraordinary establishment that seamlessly combines a restaurant, bakery, and small organic farm. Our mission is to provide an exceptional culinary experience while promoting sustainability and seasonal eating. We invite you to explore our world through our website, RadicalGardens.com, where you'll discover the essence of who we are and what we offer. 

It all began in 2013 when our founder, Brianna Humphrey, emerged triumphant from a severe illness. Fueled by resilience, she embarked on an organic farming journey that initially saw our products sold solely at local farmers' markets. As our passion for sustainable farming grew, we introduced an online farmer's market delivery service, making farm-fresh, organic produce accessible to everyone.

In 2015, an exciting opportunity presented itself when we acquired a restaurant location. This new chapter allowed us to cultivate a deeper connection with our community and expand our commitment to sustainability. It was here that we discovered our passion for cooking, and our journey took an unexpected but delightful turn. Radical Gardens transformed from a simple farm-to-market enterprise into a vibrant destination that celebrates the art of culinary creation.

At Radical Gardens, we pride ourselves on our ever-changing menus that reflect the seasons and weather. Our restaurant menu is a testament to culinary innovation, offering a unique selection of dishes that evolve weekly. Every visit is an opportunity to embark on a new culinary adventure and indulge in flavors inspired by nature itself.

Our bakery is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Picture scratch-made baked goods that defy expectation, with a menu that changes weekly to keep your taste buds yearning for more. If you're looking for that perfect cake or dessert for a special occasion, our bakery also offers made-to-order specialty creations that will undoubtedly impress.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we've partnered with Chownow to offer an online ordering system. Through our website, you can effortlessly place your order for pickup or delivery, ensuring that your farm-to-table experience is as seamless as possible.

To stay connected with our vibrant community, we invite you to join us on Facebook. Our page is a hub of inspiration, where we share updates, news, and tantalizing visuals that encapsulate our culinary world.

Radical Gardens is more than just a restaurant, bakery, or farm. It's a celebration of the incredible journey that food takes from the soil to your plate. Our commitment to sustainability, our dedication to culinary excellence, and our ever-evolving exploration of flavors make us a destination worth experiencing.

Join us at Radical Gardens, where the intersection of farm-fresh ingredients, culinary artistry, and sustainable practices creates an unforgettable dining adventure.

Currently at 8 years the Team has received numerous accolades and recognition. In December of 2022 Brianna became a certified Red Seal Chef.  

We still maintain our eco LEAF certification and work hard to promote local food. 

Over the years and specially during this pandemic Radical Gardens has been and done many things. We own a food truck that we are currently keeping on ice for the foreseeable future, we have a fully operational organic mushroom farm, we used to do a great deal of catering as well as large events and we even used to be a grocery store a few times. Whatever we might be up to, you can bet it involves delicious fresh local food!


Our Awards

  • Ontario Tourism Award for Resiliency 2021 - provincial
  • NOVA Award: Innovation 2021 - Local 
  • Canada's Greenest Restaurants List 2020 (Leaf)
  • NOVA Award: Best Place To Work 2020 - Local
  • Silverchef Hospitality Business of the year 2020 - National
  • SilverChef Communitarian Award 2020 - National
  • PARONetwork Entrepreneur of the year 2020 - Nomination
  • Ontario Tourism Award of Excellence. Culinary Leadership 2019 - Provincial
  • NOVA award: Innovation 2019 - Nomination - Local 
  • Young Entrepreneur Influential Women of the year 2019 - Regional 
  • NOVA Award: Business of the year 2018 - Local 
  • Northern Ontario Tourism Award for Leadership in our Industry 2017 - Regional
  • Northern Ontario Business Award Business of the year 2017 -Regional 
  • NOVA Award: Marketing 2017 - Local 
  • NOVA Award: Best New Business 2016 - Local