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About Us

Who is Radical Gardens?

Restaurant. Organic Mushroom Farm. Catering Company

Our menu in our restaurant ebbs and flows with the seasons and the weather. We offer up a menu that is different every week and has new menu items throughout the week. We offer up a full pastry display of delicious scratch baked goodies as well as local meats, interesting pantry items, and freshly baked artisan bread. 

Our catering menu has a great selection of interesting non traditional wedding food options. We do large gatherings like weddings and gala's, as well as smaller in home dinner parties or cocktail parties. Corporate gatherings and business luncheons. 

Recently we started farming organic mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. We sell to grocery stores and restaurants around the region. 


Our Awards.

  • NOVA Award: Best Place To Work 2020 - Local
  • Silverchef Hospitality Business of the year 2020 - National
  • SilverChef Communitarian Award 2020 -National
  • PARONetwork Entrepreneur of the year 2020 - Nomination
  • Ontario Tourism Award of Excellence. Culinary Leadership 2019 - Provincial
  • NOVA award: Innovation 2019 - Nomination - Local 
  • Young Entrepreneur Influential Women of the year 2019 - Regional 
  • NOVA Award: Business of the year 2018 - Local 
  • Northern Ontario Tourism Award for Leadership in our Industry 2017 - Regional
  • Northern Ontario Business Award Business of the year 2017 -Regional 
  • NOVA Award: Marketing 2017 - Local 
  • NOVA Award: Best New Business 2016 - Local 

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