What are you planning?

Bakery Menu

Want to see our pricing structure and flavors? What about a list of our most delicious signature cakes? You can see it all on our menu by clicking here.

Catering Menu

Check out our great list of options for every occasion! From Breakfast meetings to cocktail parties and everything in-between. Click here for our menu

Inappropriate Cookies

Looking for some inappropriate cookies to give or send to someone? We ship these coast to coast and have a great selection of other options. Or our best seller The Bag of Dicks

We have a great selection of options for all occasions! Easy to order.

Got Some Questions?

How do i book in a cake?

Please head to our online booking calendar and choose the date you would like to book for and fill out the form. Please make sure to thoroughly fill out our online form.

See Our Calendar Here

How do i see if you are available for a catering booking?

Head to our online booking calendar and you can see the days we are available for bookings. For Large corporate events we are available most every day, so please contact us.

See Our Scheduling Calendar Here

What day does a shipping order start it's shipping journey?

If you have ordered any of our cookies or products that are perishable that ship coast to coast we ship them EVERY Wednesday morning in hopes that they don't get stuck in a sorting facility for the weekend.

For non perishable items like merch, we ship daily Monday - Friday

How do i order a bag of dicks?

Please head to our Inappropriate Pastry Palace for all your inappropriate cookie needs!

The Inappropriate Pastry Palace

How do i order off your restaurant menu?

We offer take out and delivery Tuesday - Saturday 11:30am - 7:30pm.

You can call in an order 705 465 3651

You can order right here via our website by heading to our online menu

You can order via our app by searching Radical Gardens in your app store

You can come into the restaurant and order in person.

We are certified local Ontario taste of place. Featuring different farmer's and local producers ingredients in our food.

Our Leaf Certification adheres us to high enviromental standards.

Radical Gardens is more than just a restaurant, bakery, or farm. It's a celebration of the incredible journey that food takes from the soil to your plate. Our commitment to sustainability, our dedication to culinary excellence, and our ever-evolving exploration of flavors make us a destination worth experiencing.

So Many Great Options!

We offer a great selection of options for whatever you might be planning.

Printed Cupcakes

We can print any image onto cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Looking for something branded or corporate? Let us know.

Crazy Tittie Sugar Cookies

Our Inappropriate Pastry Palace offers up a huge selection of fabulous cookie options. They are available for shipping across Canada