Catering Menu 

Platters & Boxes

Mini Assorted Sandwiches 24 Piece $198

An assorted box of our delightful delicious mini sandwiches. They change weekly and are always different.

Assorted Sandwich Box 6 Piece $108  12 Piece $210

Our giant uniquely created deli sandwiches on an Italian panini bun. Always a great selection of fresh scratch made ingredients.

Assorted Sliders  12 Piece $150

Two types of assorted sliders made with our 2 oz all local beef patty finished with seasonal ingredients.

Panini Box    6 Piece $105    12 Piece $210

A mix of our Cuban, Firetruck and Apple Brie Panini's individually wrapped. Comes in a box. 

The Ploughman Grazing Box  $15.60 Per Person       

6 person minimum

A delicious grazing box filled with all sorts of perfect little eats to either build your own epic sandwich on graze on for your meal. It contains an Artisan bun, a hard boiled egg, a selection of cured meat, fine cheese's, a house pickled item, pickled red onion, mustard, a sauce of the week, fresh locally picked lettuce, slices of fresh tomato and fruit or berries of the day.

$17.85 ea individually boxed

NYC Style Pretzel Box  12 person $208

Our house made large pretzels made with savory ingredients as well as pretzel bites served with mustard,

 a sauce of the day, and a warm cheese dip as well as a house made seasonal pickled item.

Bruschetta Box $16.50 Per Person

6 Person minimum

Two house made bruschetta with a wedge of artisan cheese and our house made crostini’s

Farmhouse Cheese Box $20.75 Per Person

6 person minimum

A selection of artisan domestic and imported cheese’s with nuts and fresh fruit and berries with crackers.

The Mediterranean Mezze Box $29 Per Person

6 person minimum

An absolutely superb grazing board filled with fresh vegetables, cured meats from Italy, Spain and Canada, 

House made pickled items, olives, feta cheese, hummus, Artisan imported cheese an assortment of nuts and a toast artisan bun.

$35.00 ea Individually Boxed

The Party Box $46 Per Person

6 Person Minimum

Chicken wings, sliders, popcorn chicken and our delicious hot jalapeno popper dip and chips with all applicable accompaniments.

The Mega Dipper Box $25 Per Person

6 Person Minimum

A selection of our house made dips and tortilla chips.

For 6-12People you have a choice of two options which are Artichoke Dip or Jalapeno Popper or Farmhouse creation. 

For orders of 12 or more it is all 3 and more depending on the amount of people.

The Garden Greens & Fresh Fruit Box  $25Per Person

6 Person minimum

A selection of fresh vegetables with delicious hummus, a house made dip and a selection of fresh fruit.

$29 ea Individually Boxed 


Our charcuterie is always different and everchanging. Featuring really amazing artisan products from Canada, Italy and Spain. We work with only the best producers and importers for all of our delicious finds. Paired with pickled items that are a mix of house made and artisan, as well as house made dips and interesting spreads.

Our charcuterie's are always one of a kind and filled with items that you can't find anywhere else.


Charcutierie Boxes  2 - 10 people $47 a person. 

Charcuterie Boxes 10 people and up $39 a person. 

 All prices are for boxes. Charcuterie boards are an additional price and vary depending on the size required for your order. 


We are no longer offering board rentals. 

Hors D'oeuvres & Canape's

Canape's & Hors D'oeuvres are a great way to enjoy interesting flavors in one to two bites. There are two tiers of options for our canape's.

All canape's are created individually per order with seasonal available ingredients. We suggest a mix of the two tiers of canape’s & Hors D'oeuvres for a more adventurous crowd.

Minimum 3 dozen per order

A la Carte Hors D'oeuvres- $52/dozen.

Choose from the following:

All Hors D'oeuvres are created individually for each order and ingredients change with the season and to what is available


Prosciutto Palmiers

Wonton Tacos

Sausage Stars

Deviled Eggs

Phyllo Rolls

Savory Mushroom Bites

Vegetable Tarts

Cheese Puffs

Avant Garde - Starting at $72 a dozen. This tier of canape's features interesting house made projects that are innovative and a little outside the box.

Breakfast & Brunch 

Cinnamon Bun Platter  $45 per person

Minimum order of 6

A selection of delicious savory and sweet ingredients like imported and domestic cheese’s, cured meat, house made fresh berry sauces, and more to accompany freshly baked cinnamon buns.  A spin on a charcuterie for breakfast.

Brunch Buffet $30 per person

Minimum order of 12

A delicious free-range farm fresh cheesy egg casserole made with seasonal ingredients, local bacon, yogurt parfaits and waffles with jelly and syrup.

The Quick Continental $23.50 Per Person

Minimum order of 6

One of our delicious breakfast clubs with a free range fried egg, local bacon and our house made yum yum sauce on Texas toast served with either a cinnamon bun or an avalanche and a yogurt parfait.

Deluxe Continental $48 per person

Minimum order of 6

Avalanches, cinnamon buns, waffles with jelly and syrup. As well as freshly cut fruit and yogurt parfaits. Perfect for a morning meeting.

Build Your Own Breakfast:

Minimum order 6 unless other wise noted  


Avalanches $5.00 each

Cinnamon Buns $5.50 each

Yogurt Parfait’s   8oz $7.50 each  12 oz $10.00 each

Fresh Fruit Of The Day $18.00 per person

Egg Casserole $7.50 per person

Bacon $5.25 per person

Waffles with Syrup & Jelly $11.50per person

Cured Meat $20.00 per person

(All of our cured meat is local Ontario artisan cured meat or imports we bring in from Italy & Spain. This price is for 2-3  varieties for every 6 people)

Interesting Cheese’s $16.00 per person

(all of our cheese are from artisan cheese makers and come from around Ontario and Canada as well as imports we bring in from Italy and Spain. This price is for two varieties per 6 people)

Breakfast Club $11.50 each


The Meet& Eat 

Minimum of 8 people to order 


Low $17.00   Medium$20.00   High $28.00

An interesting warm dish created just for you and your event. 

This is a creation specifically in line with your budget and what is available that week and the market price of ingredients.  

Please specify any allergy’s or protein preferences.


Build Your Own Burger Bar  $250

Minimum 10person order

10 cheese burgers, with an assortments of toppings and condiments on a toasted butter brioche bun.

Taco Bar $288

Minimum order for 12 people (36 tacos)


Flour tortillas with local meats or proteins paired with 2 salsa’s, fresh made inhouse pico de gallo, shredded cheese, 

sour cream, and freshly picked local lettuce.

Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegan Option (1 protein selection per order of 12)

Add Rice $5.25 per person

Add Artichoke Dip & Chips


Soup & Sandwich Lunch Box  $24/person

Minimum 6person order

One of our delicious crafted just for you large sandwiches and our house made 8oz soup. 

Always changing and ever different our sandwiches are always crowd pleasers. 

Dietary restrictions options available

Add a cookie $2.50 ea and a soda $4.50 ea

Lunch Boxes


Minimum order of 12 boxes. Choose any two Options:

Each lunch comes individually boxed/bagged with utensils. Dietary restrictions will be labeled.

Sweet & Spicy Thai Chicken Rice Bowl (GF)

House made sauce – local Roasted chicken – basmati rice –fresh vegetables

Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad (GF)

5 oz Lemon pepper chicken breast – fresh lettuce and vegetables – house made dressing

Grilled Chicken Brie & Apple Panini with a Chef’s choice of Salad

5 oz Grilled chicken breasts – brie cheese – tart apples– apricot jam – French roll

Loaded Chicken Hoagie Sandwich & Pasta Salad

Local roasted chicken – genoa salami – sliced ham – fresh lettuce – all things hoagie

Southwest Chicken Salad

Roasted Chicken – Charred Corn – House made dressing –Fresh lettuce & vegetables

Freshly Picked Sauteed Mushroom French Dip (Vegan)

Our freshly picked oyster mushrooms – sauteed onions – mushroom miso gravy – vegan cheese 

Butter Chicken & Naan Bread

Roasted chicken – potatoes – butter chicken masala –basmati rice – naan bread

Sweet potato & black bean burrito bowl (Vegan)

Seasoned roasted sweet potatoes – black beans – fresh vegetables – basmati rice

Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl (Vegan or Chicken)

Marinated tofu or chicken – Coconut Curry Sauce – Rice Noodles – Fresh vegetables


Add a cookie $2.50 ea

Add a soda $4.50 ea

Add a soup $6.50 ea


Each price is for a party bowl feeds approximately 6

Garden $49

An array of fresh vegetables and fresh lettuce with our house made balsamic vinaigrette.

Potato Salad $50

Our hand chopped and roasted potatoes with house made dressing, fresh vegetables, 

cheese and a other interesting ingredients! Always interesting and always different.

Pasta Salad $48

Our house made seasonal pasta salad with scratch made dressing, seasonal fresh vegetables and a 

whole load of other deliciousness! Always different and always a party pleaser!

Chef's Salad $57

A delicious chef's special salad created just for your with seasonal fresh local ingredients.



8oz $6.50  12oz   $8.50   Bulk Soup feeds 12 - 20 $90

We take great care in making each and every one of our soups from

 scratch and with seasonal produce that is as local and fresh as we can find.


Assorted desserts of the day - 25 Piece $68.75

An assortment of bite sized sweet treats baked from scratch in our bakery. All of our baked goods are made with free range eggs, real vanilla, full butter and Belgium chocolate.

Head to our bakery section for more information

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING ANY BUFFET, PLATED, OR SERVED DINNER OPTIONS AT THIS TIME! Which means we will drop off and set up, however we are not offering any serving at this time. 

We are also only offering limited rentals.