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Quick Order Catering

Looking for something a little last minute? 

We have a great selection of quick order options that you can pick up real quick! 

Please let us know the date and time of your order in the notes or via email to 

Please note we are closed Sunday & Monday. Orders on that day will be subject to additional charge 

Open Tuesday - Saturday. 


Indulge in our delectable assortment of Cinnamon Buns & Chocolate Avalanche Pastries, perfect for any occasion. Catering to groups of 6 or 12, our Pastry Box is a delightful choice to elevate your breakfast or event. Order now for a memorable and delicious experience!
Experience breakfast bliss! Our waffle tray delights with house-made waffles, strawberry jelly, and maple syrup. Perfect for any occasion—meetings or celebrations. Serves 6 or 12. Order now!

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